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estate agents

On Mon 20 Mar at 2:19pm Lewes30 wrote:
just wondering about people's experiences with the various estate agents in lewes,who would you recommend the most?
On Mon 20 Mar at 3:19pm Local wrote:
Sigh This is why we need continuous threads (like most forums).
On Mon 20 Mar at 7:50pm Useless wrote:
Rowland goringe - incompetent and aloof. If the house and sale are uncomplicated then try the sell it yourself route. Worked for me
On Mon 20 Mar at 7:51pm Fairmeadow wrote:
Then there is Oakleys, Gorringes and Clifford Dann.
On Mon 20 Mar at 8:16pm Seriously wrote:
Continuous thread on this forum? What a ridiculous suggestion. Most days it feels like that anyway.....
I think it's the solicitors who are the real villans, always holding things up and dragging it out. Why do they do that????
On Mon 20 Mar at 11:22pm Lewes30 wrote:
okay it was worth a shout,we have our house on the market at the mo,I won't name the agent but am starting to loose faith and was hoping to hear others experiences.
On Tue 21 Mar at 12:04am Sarah Beeny wrote:
Purple Bricks ?? Set a trend ! And show em the future. Commission Bah !
On Tue 21 Mar at 1:49pm Frak wrote:
Maybe it's on for too much, just like most of the properties in Lewes?
On Tue 21 Mar at 4:38pm Belladonna wrote:
Just avoid Lewes estates. Liars and wide boys. Overvalue by about 20 percent and illegally encourage bidding wars.
Wycherleys also overvalue and don't push sales. Gorringes used to be okay - fair pricing and seem to get lots of viewings. Strutt and Parker are okay if you have a period or expensive property.
On Wed 22 Mar at 10:21pm house mouse wrote:
use Purple Bricks, honestly you give your commission to these fools for nothing, they do not sell the house for you, it sells itself! they would trample over their own grandmas to get decent commission.
Lewes Estates are the worst of the lot, unbeknownst to me i was involved in a bidding war on a property at the peak of the rise of prices in Lewes and the behaviour by them was disgusting.
they valued my neighbours house recently at 90k above a realistic market value, suffice to say she had no viewings and had to withdraw it from the market after 4 months. she foolishly thought she might actually get the price they'd quoted because of all their bull and lies they'd told her.
On Sun 26 Mar at 10:22pm woodythedog wrote:
very interesting thread as I am looking to buy a house in Lewes at the moment and have to agree with most comments here! please let me know if you have a 2-3 bedroom house and are considering selling (I am a cash buyer).

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