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 Late Night Christmas Shopping !

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    On Wed 14 Aug at 1:05pm The Old Mayor wrote:
    So Lewes Town Council, not to be confused with the council we pay our rates to and whom collects all the parking profits. Has organised a skating rink in Lewes Castle for 4 days in December to coincide with the late night non shopping evening. (I say that because although there are definitely a lot of people about, they aren't actually buying, and those few that do want to spend say they'll come back another day. Voice of experience I'm afraid.).
    Hopefully, the ice rink will be open every day and evening, which should be popular. Maybe this will trigger off a host of other events for all that week. Start organising now, Christmas will soon be here. Get the Mumford crowds back !! I'm looking at Hot Chestnut stall as we speak!
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    On Wed 14 Aug at 1:56pm Norman's wig wrote:
    And from my experience, any group with the word 'Council' in their name couldn't organise anything well, other than their salary and their sick pay and their holiday pay.
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    On Wed 14 Aug at 3:10pm Belladonna wrote:
    Great idea if its true. Can you buy a season ticket ? Better than the horribly overcrowded one by the D
    On Wed 14 Aug at 3:14pm Belladonna wrote:
    Oops - That should read...By the Dome in Brighton !
    What are the dates , old mare ?
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    On Wed 14 Aug at 6:27pm Roly Mo wrote:
    ESCC collect the on street parking profits, LDC the car parks.
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    On Wed 14 Aug at 7:42pm The old mayor wrote:
    Roily mo is a pedantic pedant !
    On Wed 14 Aug at 8:21pm geoff wrote:
    Get it right Old Mare it's Roly not Roily! (and their comment is definitely not pedantic).
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    On Wed 14 Aug at 9:18pm Henry wrote:
    Can't believe we talking about Xmas , what's happened to all the slagging off about bonfires ,? As this forum usually gets taken over on that !!
    On Thu 15 Aug at 12:50am wrote:
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    On Thu 15 Aug at 8:50am scary portas wrote:
    Great news, nice to see something at the top end of town for a change! With so many shops shutting or to let there, any thing like this can only help!
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    On Thu 15 Aug at 9:42am Turbo wrote:
    You are right about people not buying, just wandering around. Whether it's late night or day time Lewes shops are too expensive for many people.
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    On Thu 15 Aug at 10:27am Customer wrote:
    The days of retail therapy have definitely come to and end !
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    On Thu 15 Aug at 11:11am Cllr Ashley Price wrote:
    Just to clarify the initial post.
    The skating rink was the idea of Cllr Amanda Dean, and she brought it to Town Council who said she would need to liaise with the Chamber of Commerce as they arrange the late night shopping evening. They would be happy to see it being done but wouldn't be able to take on all the additional time necessary to run the ice rink.
    Because the rink will be situated in the Gun Garden, it will be organised by Sussex Archological Society. But with the initial set up costs under-written by the Town Council.
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    On Thu 15 Aug at 1:14pm another voice of reason wrote:
    I wonder if any thought has been given to the entry fee. Since local residents will have already paid for it via the town council levy on council tax, will we get entry for no further charge?

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