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Lewes Forum thread.

 Murder In The Park???

    On Wed 5 Sep at 11:38pm Landportian wrote:
    Just come home from a night out to find the police, and a lot of police tape blocking off Landport recreation ground! Rumours on FB suggest there has been a death. Anyone want to shed some light without adding to the rumour mungers?
    On Thu 6 Sep at 12:45am Inspector Q wrote:
    Saw it unfold as the lovely lad booted a few cars on his way down Landport rd (including mine) .... top off, shouting the odds, and proceeded to try and pull down the temporary fencing outside the school! Then he attacked another lad, quite badly!! Not sure about murder??? But wasn't good!
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 5:07am Townie wrote:
    Did this happen at about 8pm last night ? I heard a load of shouting but didn't bother going out to look for some reason
    On Thu 6 Sep at 7:42am jo wrote:
    what going on in lewes its more and more all over is it drugs !
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 8:22am Weed wrote:
    Looks like you've been on them Jo.
    On Thu 6 Sep at 9:02am panty sniffer wrote:
    sounds more like alcohol??
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 9:55am jo wrote:
    point taken weed
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 10:11am Sissy Teevee wrote:
    More and more cars are getting keyed down by the Pells. It's getting really horrible now. Why can't the police just go down there undercover in an unmarked car and film/arrest/jail the little morons?
    On Thu 6 Sep at 2:00pm Witness wrote:
    I was there when the incident happened and trust me it was not a murder the poor lad had his Jaw broken and is pretty messed up about it the attacker is now in custody and it has nothing to do with the cars getting keyed along by the Pells. Let me just get this across IT WAS NOT A MURDER!!.
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 2:15pm Inspector Taggart wrote:
    Did someone say there's been a murrrrderrrr (Said in a strong Scottish accent)
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 2:38pm Witness wrote:
    No I'm pretty sure that I made it clear that there wasn't one
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 6:32pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
    Someone who says they witnessed it told me today it was a stabbing.
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 9:00pm Town Centre Resident wrote:
    Sounds vile
    (meanwhile landport residents protest that their estate is pleasant)
    On Thu 6 Sep at 9:48pm Rene wrote:
    If it was murder wouldn't it be on the news?
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    On Thu 6 Sep at 11:50pm Harold wrote:
    The lad involved was trying to calm down a situation and for being a good egg had his jaw broken in three or four places. he is in hospital over night tonight and will have it repaired tomorrow.I know this because my son was sat with him in the hospital last night. He was not stabbed.
    The last stabbing I remember in the town, happened in that hell hole called the Pells if Im no mistaken
    On Fri 7 Sep at 6:18am Really wrote:
    the last stabbing in Lewes, took place in hawkenbury way.
    This was not a stabbing so shut up about it.
    Gossip gossip gossip
    On Fri 7 Sep at 7:32am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
    I will put my informant straight then!
    On Fri 7 Sep at 8:07am Harold wrote:
    Yes Really, you are correct , I forgot about the Nevil stabbing,.
    On Fri 7 Sep at 7:21pm Sam wrote:
    Hi, we're thinking of moving to Lewes, as it seems like a lovely area and we have a 1 yr old boy, but does Lewes have any problems with violence etc?
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    On Fri 7 Sep at 8:22pm Grunge wrote:
    Don't write off having your jaw broken in several places as insignificant, just because it's not a stabbing.
    Sam: Lewes is a lovely town, with lots of nice things going on. It is just unfortunate that this week's posts on the forum seem to be reflecting the dark underbelly, which unfortunately is something that exists in any town. Don't let it put you off; Lewes is a great place to live.

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