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Lewes Forum thread.

 Lewes Bonfire Thread.

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    On Thu 24 May at 7:35pm -l-- wrote:
    The Bonfire in Lewes is Blasphemous acts of Anti-Catholicism. We can no longer stand idly by as the heretics continue to insult Christ year after year our cousins the of Islam would never allow anything remotely similar to happen. How has the blatant Insults to Christ himself been aloud to continue. Brothers we must end this as soon as possible!
    Deus Vult!
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    On Thu 24 May at 7:46pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Bloody heat brings all the crazies out! All religion is evil, now run along and hide in your deluded brain washed box!
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    On Thu 24 May at 7:50pm - wrote:
    Why is religion evil because it gives people a reason to live by furthermore you might be the brainwashed one.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:15pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Ah yes, I'm the crazie, of course. I'm not the one who believes in a book, you might as well believe in Harry Potter my friend, although you probably think that's the work of the devil. Oh, and leave those kids alone!
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:22pm - wrote:
    have to go to insults because you have no reason to live but now to have a reason to...
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:23pm Mr Forks wrote:
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:30pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    Mr Forks u are a fool as there is no proof go dosent exist so u cant say he is crazies
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:31pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Are you all mad??!!
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:31pm - wrote:
    without god you have no reason to do anything as all is pointless cause it leads to nothing, so what is wrong in believing life has a purpose and is more than just futility. my point was you have no reason for anything.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:32pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Show me evidence god exists and I'll show you a million reasons why he doesn't!
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:34pm - wrote:
    you exist is evidence God exist now show me a million reasons he doesnt. even if you dont agree with the edivdence.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:35pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    irrelevant you sed u diss agree with gods existance i kindly noted how ur point has no evidence i never sed i was religious just u have no reason for beliving otherwise
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:36pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Anyway must go, just remembered I've got better things to do this evening then argue with crazy people who can't spell and have no idea of grammar!
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:37pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    its quiker and more efficent to just go with it and u dident have enything to do befor u realised u were wrong and the conversation was about god not grammer
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:37pm - wrote:
    just because you lost the argument anyway have fun in the lake of fire heathen.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:38pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Will do, night.............
    On Thu 24 May at 8:39pm IMEYOU wrote:
    Have a look at the link below.

    Check it out here »
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:39pm - wrote:
    Catholics 1 atheists 0
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:42pm - wrote:
    baised article
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:43pm Mr Forks wrote:
    bit like the Bible then??!!
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:45pm - wrote:
    i never used the bible as evidence so that is irrelevant.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:45pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    baised how again?
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:48pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    looks like you had a very boring night planed so u came back and realised u lost again so left
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:50pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    me 2 Mr fork 0
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:50pm Teacher wrote:
    Mr. Forks don't rise to the bait mate, it's just a troll.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:51pm Mr Forks wrote:
    Yeah but he is quite an amusing troll!
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:51pm - wrote:
    no its a debate between two opposing sides and it appears one is victorous and he started with the unnessary insults.
    On Thu 24 May at 8:55pm georgematthews96@hotmail wrote:
    looks like you had a very boring night planed so u came back again and again
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:55pm - wrote:
    mr forks back on subject why do you hate religion is it because you have no reason to live moreover is that why the bonfire's anti-Catholicism continues because the church of england has lost all that made it Christian unlike the Catholic Church.
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    On Thu 24 May at 8:57pm The correcter of idiots wrote:
    lol put my email in looks like we can all make mistakes so there is time to convert
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    On Thu 24 May at 9:11pm jo wrote:
    the train leaves from lewes staion 10. and 25 past the hr if you do not like what we do in lewes !
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    On Thu 24 May at 9:15pm - wrote:
    i never said i didnt like it i want to end the unjust treatment towards me and my brother. is that a problem?
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    On Thu 24 May at 9:55pm drone wrote:
    No problem at all. If you & your brother object to Bonfire, then Bonfire is cancelled for this year. Now hop off & infest another site, there`s a good chap.
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    On Thu 24 May at 10:01pm - wrote:
    The bonfire doesn't need to be stopped just stop the pope burning and anti-catholicism. It's in your best interest I assure you.
    p.s he is not my brother.
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    On Thu 24 May at 10:48pm Bling Mare wrote:
    I like the exploding of an effigy of a tyranical 16th century pope.
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    On Thu 24 May at 11:04pm IMEYOU wrote:
    Lewes Bonfire is not anti catholic or any other religion, its anti Popery.
    A completely different thing.
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    On Fri 25 May at 12:56am Guy wrote:
    Bonfire night and fireworks are decades past their sell by date. Just end the lot now. By far the best solution.

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