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Wouldn't it be great if all the Lewes takeways had their menus in one readily available place. No more scrabbling around at the back of the drawer for that scrumpled up menu you're sure you put back last time you used it!

Well that's what this section is for.
If your favourite takeaway isn't here, tell them.

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English view 34:138
English view

Dina 15

Two people with learning difficulties prepare for marriage
Fri 20 Oct 3:00pm
Sun 22 Oct 4:45pm
Mon 23 Oct 4:00pm
Tue 24 Oct 12:00pm 3:15pm
Thu 26 Oct 5:45pm
Sun 22 Oct 1:15pm
Wed 25 Oct 1:30pm
Sat 21 Oct 3:15pm

On Body and Soul 18

An unusual love story based around the duality of sleeping and waking
Fri 20 Oct 5:15pm
Sun 22 Oct 5:30pm
Mon 23 Oct 8:00pm
Tue 24 Oct 8:00pm
Thu 26 Oct 3:30pm
Wed 25 Oct 2:30pm
Sat 21 Oct 5:30pm

Brimstone 18

A frontier woman turned fugitive is hunted by a vengeful preacher
Fri 20 Oct 8:00pm
Sun 22 Oct 8:00pm
Mon 23 Oct 7:45pm
Tue 24 Oct 7:45pm
Thu 26 Oct 8:00pm
Sat 21 Oct 8:00pm
Wed 25 Oct 4:00pm

The Party 15

The Party starts as a celebration and ends with blood on the floor
Fri 20 Oct 8:30pm
Sun 22 Oct 9:15pm
Mon 23 Oct 6:15pm
Tue 24 Oct 5:45pm
Sat 21 Oct 3:45pm 8:30pm
Sun 22 Oct 1:00pm 3:45pm
Mon 23 Oct 3:45pm
Tue 24 Oct 3:45pm
Wed 25 Oct 9:00pm
Thu 26 Oct 2:00pm 4:00pm

People on Sunday no rating

The lives of a group of Berliners on a summer's day between the wars
Sun 22 Oct 3:00pm

The Death of Stalin 15

Political infighting leads to comic chaos as a Soviet leader dies
Sun 22 Oct 3:30pm 7:00pm 8:15pm
Mon 23 Oct 3:30pm 5:45pm 8:15pm
Tue 24 Oct 3:30pm 5:45pm 8:15pm
Wed 25 Oct 3:30pm 5:45pm 8:15pm
Thu 26 Oct 3:15pm 5:45pm 8:15pm
Fri 20 Oct 3:15pm 5:45pm 8:15pm
Sat 21 Oct 3:30pm 5:45pm 8:15pm

Animation Workshop no rating

Mon 23 Oct 10:00am

One Phone. One Film no rating

Own a smart phone? Want to be a filmmaker? Learn how.
Wed 25 Oct 9:00am

The Witch 15

A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft
Wed 25 Oct 7:00pm

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami 15

Electrifying journey through the performance, private and public worlds of pop cultural icon Grace Jones
Wed 25 Oct 7:15pm

Open Bethlehem PG

Documentary covering seven momentous years in the life of Bethlehem
Thu 26 Oct 8:00pm

Lego Ninjago U

A teenager seeks to defeat a warlord with the help of his fellow ninjas
Fri 27 Oct 11:00am
Sat 28 Oct 11:00am
Sun 29 Oct 11:00am
Fri 20 Oct 1:30pm 3:45pm
Sun 22 Oct 11:00am
Mon 23 Oct 11:00am 1:15pm
Tue 24 Oct 11:00am 1:15pm
Wed 25 Oct 11:00am 1:15pm
Thu 26 Oct 11:00am
Fri 27 Oct 1:15pm
Sat 28 Oct 1:00pm
Sun 29 Oct 12:30pm
Fri 20 Oct 6:00pm
Sat 21 Oct 11:00am 1:15pm 6:00pm
Sun 22 Oct 1:30pm 6:00pm
Mon 23 Oct 5:30pm
Tue 24 Oct 5:30pm
Wed 25 Oct 5:00pm
Thu 26 Oct 1:15pm 6:00pm

Colin West: Live drawings and animations U

Première of children's animation competition films with Colin West
Sat 28 Oct 11:00am

Dean Atta no rating

Dean Atta performs his poetry live
Sat 28 Oct 1:15pm

National Poetry Competition Films 12A

Filmpoem Festival: National Poetry Competition Films
Sat 28 Oct 2:15pm

Madi Maxwell-Libby + ?We Belong Here? doc 15

Spoken word artists read their poems on 'state of the nation' themes
Sat 28 Oct 3:45pm

Ross Sutherland no rating

Filmpoem Festival: mid-length film about memory, death and re-runs
Sat 28 Oct 4:45pm

Open competition winners and screening no rating

Filmpoem Festival: Open competition winners presentation and screening
Sat 28 Oct 6:15pm

Matt Abbott & Salena Godden 15

Matt Abbott and Salena Godden perform live
Sat 28 Oct 8:15pm

Spirited Away PG

A sullen 10-year-old girl wanders into a world ruled by gods, witches, and spirits
Sun 29 Oct 3:00pm
Wed 01 Nov 6:00pm

Nosferatu PG

German Expressionist horror film based on Bram Stoker's Dracula
Sun 29 Oct 3:00pm

The Sweet Smell of Success PG

Film noir classic set in New York
Mon 30 Oct 6:00pm

The Great Beauty 15

Florid comedy celebrating Rome in all its decay
Tue 31 Oct 6:00pm

Children of Men 15

A disillusioned bureaucrat becomes an unlikely champion in a fight to save the Earth
Wed 01 Nov 11:00am

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 15

A group of well-to-do friends attempt to gather for a social evening
Thu 02 Nov 6:00pm

Zarafa PG

An escaped Sudanese slave boy travels with a baby giraffe
Sat 04 Nov 11:00am
Sun 05 Nov 12:00pm

A Mindful Choice 12A

Uplifting documentary following the journey of two modern day monks
Wed 08 Nov 7:30pm

I, Daniel Blake 15

After having suffered a heart-attack, a 59-year-old must fight bureaucracy
Thu 09 Nov 7:30pm

Paddington 2 PG

Paddington picks up odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy
Sat 11 Nov 11:00am
Fri 10 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Sat 11 Nov 1:15pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Sun 12 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Mon 13 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Tue 14 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Wed 15 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Thu 16 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Fri 17 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Sat 18 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Sun 19 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Mon 20 Nov 4:00pm 6:15pm 8:30pm
Tue 21 Nov 4:00pm 6:15pm 8:30pm
Wed 22 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Thu 23 Nov 3:45pm 6:00pm 8:15pm
Sat 11 Nov 3:45pm
Tue 14 Nov 12:00pm

The Ballad of Shirley Collins 12A

A lyrical response to the life-and-work of folkmusic icon Shirley Collins
Sat 11 Nov 5:30pm

The Cinema Travellers 12A

Tent cinemas of India bring the wonder of the movies to far-flung villages
Sun 12 Nov 5:25pm

Follies 12A

Live NT production of Sondheim musical starring Imelda Staunton
Thu 16 Nov 7:00pm

Nick Collins?s 16mm films 12A

Lewes artist film maker shows films from his collection
Sat 18 Nov 2:00pm

Her 15

A lonely writer falls for the voice of his computer
Sun 19 Nov 5:00pm

The Nile Hilton Incident 18

A hotel maid witnesses a murder but important people don't want the case solved
Mon 20 Nov 8:15pm

Makala no rating

A young farmer earns a living making and selling charcoal in Congo.
Tue 21 Nov 6:00pm

Explore Film course 15

Wed 29 Nov 10:30am
Wed 24 Jan 10:30am
Wed 14 Mar 10:30am
Wed 18 Apr 10:30am
Wed 13 Jun 10:30am

We The Uncivilised 12A

An inspiring documentary by Lewes filmmakers Lily and Pete Sequoia
Wed 29 Nov 8:00pm

Young Marx no rating

NT Live production from the creative team behind One Man, Two Guvnors.
Thu 07 Dec 7:00pm

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 12A

Rey continues her epic journey with Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga
Thu 14 Dec 5:00pm 2:00pm 8:00pm
Fri 15 Dec 2:00pm 8:00pm
Sat 16 Dec 5:00pm 8:00pm
Sun 17 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm
Mon 18 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm
Tue 19 Dec 2:00pm 8:00pm
Wed 20 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm
Thu 21 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm
Fri 22 Dec 2:00pm 8:00pm
Sat 23 Dec 5:00pm 8:00pm
Sun 24 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm
Thu 14 Dec 12:01am 12:01am 12:01am
Tue 26 Dec 2:00pm 8:00pm
Wed 27 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm
Thu 28 Dec 2:00pm 5:00pm 8:00pm

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 3D 12A

Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker
Fri 15 Dec 5:00pm
Sat 16 Dec 2:00pm
Tue 19 Dec 5:00pm
Fri 22 Dec 5:00pm
Sat 23 Dec 2:00pm
Tue 26 Dec 5:00pm
Tue 19 Dec 5:00pm

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof no rating

NT Live 'thrilling revival of the Tennessee Williams classic
Thu 22 Feb 7:00pm

Julius Caesar no rating

Nicholas Hytner directs a new take on the Shakespeare classic
Thu 22 Mar 7:00pm