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Wouldn't it be great if all the Lewes takeways had their menus in one readily available place. No more scrabbling around at the back of the drawer for that scrumpled up menu you're sure you put back last time you used it!

Well that's what this section is for.
If your favourite takeaway isn't here, tell them.

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Anne of Cleves House
Anne of Cleves House

Pirates of the Caribbean ? Salazar?s Revenge 12A

Johnny Depp's sozzled pirate returns for more epic action-adventure.
Sun 25 Jun 2:30pm
Mon 26 Jun 5:30pm
Tue 27 Jun 5:30pm
Wed 28 Jun 5:30pm
Thu 29 Jun 5:30pm

Hampstead 12A

Charming romantic comedy with Diane Keaton and Brendon Gleason.
Sun 25 Jun 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:10pm
Mon 26 Jun 3:00pm 4:00pm 8:10pm
Tue 27 Jun 3:00pm 5:15pm 8:15pm
Wed 28 Jun 3:00pm 6:15pm 8:15pm
Thu 29 Jun 3:00pm 5:15pm 8:15pm

Britain on Film: Coast and Sea U

Tour around Britain's coast with film shot between 1901 and 1978.
Sun 25 Jun 3:15pm

Wonder Woman 12A

A warrior faces the horrors of WWI in this female lead superhero movie...
Sun 25 Jun 5:15pm
Tue 27 Jun 7:30pm
Wed 28 Jun 3:30pm
Thu 29 Jun 7:30pm

The Red Turtle PG

A castaway encounters the titular turtle in this beautiful Ghibli co-production...
Sun 25 Jun 5:40pm
Tue 27 Jun 5:45pm
Wed 28 Jun 3:15pm
Thu 29 Jun 3:10pm

Whitney: Can I Be Me 15

The story of Whitney Houston's extraordinary life and tragic death...
Sun 25 Jun 8:00pm
Mon 26 Jun 5:15pm
Tue 27 Jun 8:00pm
Wed 28 Jun 8:20pm
Thu 29 Jun 8:00pm

The Seasons in Quincy 12A

Four short films about the writer, painter and art critic John Berger.
Sun 25 Jun 8:20pm
Mon 26 Jun 3:15pm
Tue 27 Jun 2:45pm
Wed 28 Jun 5:45pm
Thu 29 Jun 5:45pm

Alone in Berlin: Live from Imperial War Museum 12A

Gripping tale of couple quietly resisting Nazism in 1940 Berlin.
Mon 26 Jun 7:30pm

Goodfellas 18

Scorsese's quintessential, Oscar-showered wiseguy crime drama.
Mon 26 Jun 7:40pm

The Music Of Strangers 12A

Documentary about the international music collective formed by Yo-Yo Ma...
Tue 27 Jun 11:00am 3:15pm
Wed 28 Jun 7:45pm
Thu 29 Jun 3:15pm

The Kid U

Chaplin's Tramp adopts an abandoned child in this classic silent feature.
Wed 28 Jun 2:00pm

How Can We Really Change Stuff? N/a

Celebration of 10 years Transition Town Lewes with speakers and inspirational discussions.
Wed 05 Jul 7:30pm

Hamlet 12A

Glyndebourne LIVE: Brett Dean's energetic, witty and richly lyrical opera.
Thu 06 Jul 6:00pm