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Wouldn't it be great if all the Lewes takeways had their menus in one readily available place. No more scrabbling around at the back of the drawer for that scrumpled up menu you're sure you put back last time you used it!

Well that's what this section is for.
If your favourite takeaway isn't here, tell them.

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Pells Pond
Pells Pond

Valerian 12A

Sci-fi adventure based on a French comic strip
Fri 18 Aug 2:30pm 7:45pm
Sat 19 Aug 2:30pm 7:45pm
Sun 20 Aug 7:45pm
Mon 21 Aug 7:45pm
Tue 22 Aug 7:45pm
Wed 23 Aug 2:30pm 7:45pm
Thu 24 Aug 7:45pm

Final Portrait 15

Geoffrey Rush shines in Stanley Tucci's witty Giacometti sketch
Fri 18 Aug 3:00pm 5:45pm
Sat 19 Aug 3:00pm 8:00pm
Sun 20 Aug 3:00pm 5:45pm
Mon 21 Aug 3:00pm 8:15pm
Tue 22 Aug 11:00am 5:45pm 8:00pm
Wed 23 Aug 5:45pm 8:15pm
Thu 24 Aug 3:00pm 5:45pm

The Big Sick 15

Charming and hilarious clash-of-cultures romantic comedy
Fri 18 Aug 3:15pm
Sat 19 Aug 3:15pm
Sun 20 Aug 3:15pm
Mon 21 Aug 3:15pm 8:00pm
Tue 22 Aug 3:15pm
Wed 23 Aug 3:15pm 8:00pm
Thu 24 Aug 3:15pm 8:00pm

Step PG

US documentary following members of a high school girls step dance team
Fri 18 Aug 5:30pm
Sat 19 Aug 5:30pm
Sun 20 Aug 5:30pm
Mon 21 Aug 5:30pm
Tue 22 Aug 5:30pm
Wed 23 Aug 5:30pm
Thu 24 Aug 5:30pm

City of Ghosts 18

Documentary about citizen journalists who risk their lives to film ISIS atrocities
Fri 18 Aug 6:00pm
Sat 19 Aug 6:00pm
Sun 20 Aug 6:00pm
Mon 21 Aug 6:00pm
Tue 22 Aug 6:00pm
Wed 23 Aug 6:00pm
Thu 24 Aug 6:00pm

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power 12A

Al Gore's follow up to the landmark climate change documentary
Fri 18 Aug 8:00pm
Sat 19 Aug 5:45pm
Sun 20 Aug 8:00pm
Mon 21 Aug 5:45pm
Tue 22 Aug 2:45pm
Wed 23 Aug 2:45pm
Thu 24 Aug 8:15pm

It Comes At Night 15

Psychological horror set in a disease-ravaged country
Fri 18 Aug 8:15pm
Sat 19 Aug 8:15pm
Sun 20 Aug 8:15pm
Tue 22 Aug 8:15pm

Cars 3 U

The animated automotive adventures of Lightning McQueen
Sat 19 Aug 11:00am
Sun 20 Aug 12:30pm
Mon 21 Aug 12:00pm
Tue 22 Aug 12:00pm
Wed 23 Aug 12:00pm
Thu 24 Aug 12:00pm

Valerian (3D) 12A

3D sci-fi adventure based on a French comic strip
Mon 21 Aug 2:30pm
Sun 20 Aug 2:30pm
Tue 22 Aug 2:30pm
Thu 24 Aug 2:30pm

The Emoji Movie U

Animated adventure about 'emoji' inside a young boy's smartphone
Fri 25 Aug 12:00pm
Sat 26 Aug 11:00am
Sun 27 Aug 12:30pm
Mon 28 Aug 12:00pm
Tue 29 Aug 12:00pm
Wed 30 Aug 12:00pm
Thu 31 Aug 12:00pm
Sat 26 Aug 11:00am

Yerma 12A

Billie Piper in Lorca?s achingly powerful masterpiece
Thu 31 Aug 7:00pm

The Lure 12A

Rocky Mountain treasure hunt for gold hidden by an eccentric millionaire
Tue 12 Sep 7:30pm

David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii no rating

Legendary Floyd rocker playing ancient ampitheatre.
Wed 13 Sep 8:00pm

Car Wash PG

Funky seventies musical comedy/drama, plus short about Zest
Sun 17 Sep 3:00pm

Shane U

A weary gunfighter attempts to settle down with a homestead family
Sun 24 Sep 3:00pm

A Fistful of Dollars 15

A wandering gunfighter plays two rival families against each other
Sun 24 Sep 6:00pm

Hamlet 12A

National Theatre Live's encore series sees Benedict Cumberbatch return
Thu 05 Oct 7:00pm

Follies 12A

Live NT production of Sondheim musical starring Imelda Staunton
Thu 16 Nov 7:00pm