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Lewes Forum thread.

 BBC weather girls

    On Tue 2 Feb at 11:13am Toque wrote:
    Kaddy Lee-Preston, Nazaneen Ghaffar or Kaye Forster?

    Or all three at once?
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    On Tue 2 Feb at 11:34am News Where You Are wrote:
    Nazaneen needs undivided attention. Kaddy and Kaye would be an amusing combination.
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    On Tue 2 Feb at 11:36am me wrote:
    Nazaneen - way too enthusiastic about weather. Kaddy - ideas above her station. Kaye Forster is the one for me, although she might want to learn to say R properly
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    On Tue 2 Feb at 11:58am Reality Check wrote:
    Saddos...you've got more chance of copping off with Michael Fish
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    On Tue 2 Feb at 11:59am Ian McCaskill wrote:
    Kaye Forster....now there are some 'warm fronts' likely to cause 'areas of high pressure'.... ghghghghhhhhhh (makes noise like Homer Simpson drooling!)
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    On Tue 2 Feb at 12:06pm Prick Stein wrote:
    Definately Nazaneen!
    On Tue 2 Feb at 1:18pm Toque wrote:
    Reality Check, we're discussing which weather girl or combination of weather girls we would like to see presenting the weather.

    Get your mind out of the gutter!
    On Tue 2 Feb at 1:23pm Prick Stein wrote:
    We have to be in the gutter coz all the DFLs' are on the pavement!
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    On Tue 2 Feb at 6:41pm Sam Spam wrote:
    you can keep all the weather-girls, I'll have Polly Evans!.....yummmm!!!
    On Wed 3 Feb at 11:23pm Brixtonbelle wrote:
    But where are all the tasty weathermen ?
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    On Thu 4 Feb at 8:23am sashimi wrote:
    Oh, Brixtonbelle, I thought Michael Fish would be your heartthrob!
    On Thu 4 Feb at 9:30am Papaver wrote:
    I fancy Inspector Morse, who is A) dead, and B) a fictional character
    On Thu 4 Feb at 12:44pm Brixtonbelle wrote:
    yes, the fictional characters are rather more attractive. Rebus is more my style.
    There's a rather curious weatherman on BBC I think who has very precise diction. He sounds like he has had elocution lessons or come straight out of a 40's b+w film... what, what !
    On Thu 4 Feb at 6:00pm Hay Nonnie Mouse wrote:
    The problem with Nazaneen and all the girls especially the one that looks like she left her broomstick at the door is that whoever does hair and make up is dreadful. No consideration of the way hair and clothing look in a studio. Poor old Naz, a brilliant figure looks like a hooker some days, and God knows how she gets that mic in her dress, although I doubt she's short of helpers.

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