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 Bluebell Woods

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    On Fri 30 Apr at 9:18am Bluebell wrote:
    Where are the best woods near Lewes for Bluebells? I don't want to have to pay!!
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 9:31am Down and Out wrote:

    There's a big bluebell clearing at the top of Stanmer Park. Go in either via the car park off Ditchling Road or the car park off Coldean Lane; not the main entrance near the A27.
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 10:25am Ed Can Do wrote:
    I think you'll find that picking wild flowers is illegal too.
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 10:42am Bluebell wrote:
    Since when did I say I was going to pick them?? I just want to see them..
    One thing I've noticed about this forum is you can't ask a simple question without getting A) abuse, B) sarcastic replies, C) an argument started.
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 10:50am Down and Out wrote:
    Bluebell - you started it! If you come on here and make a public issue of the fact that you don't want to pay a couple of quid for a sodding car park somewhere, it's not unreasonable to expect abuse. If you're that skint, look up some photos of bluebells on Flickr and save your shoe leather.
    On Fri 30 Apr at 12:26pm Ed Can Do wrote:
    Sorry, I assumed you meant you didn't want to pay to buy any. It never crossed my mind that someone would object to paying for parking. The woods round Barcome are generally rotten with Bluebells, they are in fact known as the Bluebell Woods. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find a side street to park for free in the village or you could walk out there from Lewes in an hour or so.
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 12:37pm jrsussex wrote:
    Bluebell 10.42 post - You've hit the nail on the head. A and B are often quite humorous whilst C is usually thought provoking and allows you to air your views. As none of us have met (have we?) I don't think anybody is intentionally trying to have a go, it's all part of the wind-up. I think it's great fun, I often sit in front of the monitor laughing. I've sus out the comedians, won't name them but their humour is spot on. Happy bluebell hunting but it is a mean about the car parking.
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 12:51pm 'ere be monsters wrote:
    Now jrsussex was the parking comment an A) or a B)?
    On Fri 30 Apr at 1:36pm Bluebell wrote:
    On Fri 30 Apr at 2:36pm MC wrote:
    I picked some wild daffodils from the Barcombe woods the other day. I really can't believe I committed an offence. Saying that, my son and I recently caught three wild newts in a pond in the Barcombe woods and moved them to our garden pond. Someone then told me that this was illegal too. If both are true it's all getting a bit daft. It'll be illegal to move frog spawn next (perhaps it already is!).

    Question: Are the bluebells round her (and esp in Barcombe) the natural English ones of are they the more robust invasive Spanish species?
    On Fri 30 Apr at 2:58pm Mark wrote:
    There are usually some fantastic bluebells in the woods going up to The Hooke in South Chailey. Walk up the long track leading from the A275 to the Hooke and at the top of the hill branch off on the path to the left.
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    On Fri 30 Apr at 3:08pm Andrew Richardson wrote:
    There used to be loads in Nate Wood, just off Robin Post Lane near Arlington. There's a shared cycle/walkers route through there and there were loads of Bluebells when I went through there last spring.
    On Fri 30 Apr at 5:07pm jr wrote:
    'ere be monsters - A spoonful of B with just a pinch of humour (I hope)!!!
    On Fri 30 Apr at 7:07pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
    There are lots in Abbots Wood, too.
    On Fri 30 Apr at 9:25pm DrTrickCyclist wrote:
    Knowlands Wood just north of Barcome opens in Bluebell season.
    On Fri 5 Feb at 12:25pm Old cynic wrote:
    Spanish bluebells are large, pale blue and very upright you can pick these without worrying butvthey don't last. English bluebells are much smaller, a darker blue and the heads droop. It is illegal to pick them as they are a, sadly, rare species. It is illegal to move newts as thy too are increasingly rare. Hopefully the ones you moved into your pond are male AND female so they might just survive. I hope the habitat you have put them in is suitable?
    On Sun 2 May at 11:13pm Brixtonbelle wrote:
    it's all very well naming the woods, but where are they - some sort of grid/ os reference would be good !!!!
    On Sun 18 May at 7:55pm Bluebellsearch wrote:
    Hey all, I'd like to bring this thread back up if I may - does anybody know a local place where bluebells are out now please? Don't want to ride out to one of the above to find there aren't any!... Many thanks.

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